We are a property management company that manages properties throughout Contra Costa County. We pride ourselves on providing professional property management to our clients.

One of the many functions we perform is property maintenance and construction. AMS is one of our top preferred vendors that we can rely on for these services.

We met AMS, Michelle and Brian, about 5 or so years ago through our mutual property management organization, NARPM (National Association of Property Managers). Since that time, they have helped us with smaller maintenance jobs, to large re-construction of kitchens, roofs and everything in between.

They do quality work, they are responsible and on time, with good follow up to both the property manager and the tenants, and they understand the complexities of tenant/landlord relationships.

Sheila Stokley

Owner, Stokley Properties, Inc.

My overall experience with Association Maintenance Services (AMS) has been great, in many ways. They are always professional, prompt and responsive to all our request, no matter how demanding they are. They perform excellence work, for a reasonable price, with high quality results. I use them at multiple properties through the Bay Area and have had wonderful experiences with them at each one. Their quick responses and eagerness to provide great services assure the jobs gets done right and on time. They are a pleasure to work with.
Nichole Fink, CCAM

CID Management Inc.

AMS is my first call when I have any contractor projects (large or small) to schedule. Not only is Brian Dutra very responsive and informative, but his office staff, especially Michelle McNamara, are amazing to work with.

This company goes above and beyond my expectations, on every project they perform. I have had a great experience with every interaction I have had with AMS. My Board of Directors and homeowners/residents who have interacted with anyone from AMS, report back to me that their employees are courteous, timely and professional.

This is a great company all the way around, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good, honest and responsive contractor. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for more information. I am more than happy to discuss this company with you.

Laura Moreno, CCAM

Property Manager, Community Association Management

I recommend Associated Maintenance Services, AMS, without reservation, to anyone seeking a general contractor for their project. Their technical knowledge is excellent, and their performance and product is very good, as good as the best of the many contractors I have worked with over the years.

There are a number of characteristics which in my opinion sets AMS apart from most of the competition. The first is scheduling. They are exceptionally accurate in predicting and meeting the schedule they provide. The second is attitude. Everyone makes mistakes, including contractors. The way they handle those mistakes, whether they address them in a satisfactory and cooperative manner, or whether they ignore them and/or take a confrontational stance, makes a significant difference in the success of a project. It’s the difference between a relationship and a transaction. On my projects, AMS has always come down on the relationship side.

Construction projects involve interfacing with two sides of the construction company, the office and the men on-site implementing the repairs. I have many contractors who excel on one side, but not so much on the other. AMS excels on both sides. The owner of the company, Brian Dutra, and his office staff are very knowledgeable, accessible, and easy to work with. Superintendents/foremen are the employees on site involved with the day-to-day operations. AMS has at least two of the best that I have worked with.

Paul J. Platt

Owner and President, Platt & Associates

I (and my Community Managers) have been using them as our ‘go to’ contractor since 2013 when Brian Dutra started his company. Prior to that, I worked with Brian quite often when he worked in the fencing industry.

AMS consistently does a great job, their employees are professional, polite, punctual and thorough. I receive only positive feed-back from our clients.

Cyndi Cochran, CCAM

General Manager, Community Association Management

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Association Maintenance Services, Inc. CJM Association Services, Inc., has worked with AMS for many years.

Brian Dutra and Michelle McNamara, as well as everyone they’ve sent out on CJM jobs, have always represented themselves exceptionally well. They’re consistently reliable, responsible for completing the job right the first time and, as an added bonus, they’ve always been received extremely well by the members and residents whose homes we have sent them into for service. It’s not, at all, uncommon for folks to contact us after working with AMS to tout the work, and the workers, alike, for excellence. These attributes, alone, have made it exceptionally easy to use, and use again, AMS for service. Even better, whenever our team finds ourselves in a pinch, AMS finds a way to move things around to help us get out of that bind and to ultimately leave the situation much better than before they arrived.

I have no qualms, whatsoever, about recommending AMS. I’m very happy to discuss my experiences in person, if that’s of interest to you.

Jason M. Marquez

CJM Association Services, Inc.

My company has been working with Association Maintenance Services (AMS) for over 7 years now. Out of all our vendors we use, they are always my first go-to company due to their responsiveness, work ethic and quality of work that is produced from their team.

I cannot recommend them enough. Whenever we have an issue at a Community or need to talk about some issues our communities face, they are always willing to help us out. It’s very hard to find a reliable contractor that you can trust, and we have found that with Association Maintenance Service.

Jeff Gollihar, CCAM

Community Manager/CEO, Community One Property Management